Her Chi Blog is Getting a Her Chi Makeover!

Hey friends it’s been a long time without any blog posts, so I thought I’d give a quick update about what’s happening with this cute little platform we have here, and these are 5 changes to anticipate:

  1. It’s going to be all about Chicago’s underground scene (if I can find it!): I have had so much support researching places and I can finally share them. I can’t even begin to describe what adventures we’ll be looking forward to but I know we’ll have fun with it!
  2. Posts will be up every other Wednesday for sure. Regular posts and higher quality content are my goals for 2018 so get ready!
  3. Photos are going to get vintage. I love the old school camera style happening right now so expect lower quality photos for a higher quality aesthetic.
  4. The whole website is getting a makeover. This is the last post before the whole website gets Tumblr vibes my friends, expect a more eye-appealing setup!
  5. I may be adding artsy content! Depending on the overall consensus, I thought I could add updates on album releases, poetry or new exhibits in the art museum.


Her Chi Blog

Overall I’m excited to give this blog a makeover and give you all content that is tied more into my identity as a content creator. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, see you soon!



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