Will You Be My Galentine?

February 13th is my favorite unofficial holiday, Galentine’s Day! I’m a total sap for Valentine’s Day, but there’s nothing like celebrating your girlfriends with a cute night in or out! Leslie Knope, from Parks and Rec, basically invented Galentine’s Day and she did brunches every year with gifts/games with her girls. I thought instead of getting dressed up Taylor, Jess and I would enjoy the night in pj and hot cocoa style! So here’s some tips to throw a cozy night in with your Galentines:

Galentine Day


Okay so if you’re on a college budget this is no sweat because Target has a dollar section for decorations! My roommates and I got this cute sign from there and a bucket of kisses (punny and basic I know) with a couple of other items. Unfortunately I haven’t found a place that sells cute cheap pillows yet, but pink and red are the perfect color theme so if you have anything decorative with those colors I think it will tie your place together perfectly.


What to Do?

Taylor, Jess and I treated it like a classic slumber party! Watch rom-coms, do nails, pillow fights, games, face masks, all of it! If you’re feeling extra extra then you can always set up a fondue station with a crockpot or some type of craft (collages of your favorite moments together?). The point is to be as cheesy and  make the time to catch up/appreciate each other. So anything counts!

Galentines Day

Drinks and Treats

Earlier I mentioned hot cocoa, but obviously if you’re legal rosé is the way to go! If not that’s totally fine we got some sparkling grape juice and wine glasses just to get a bit bougie. Snack-wise popcorn and movies are a staple, and to make that festive just mix in some Valentines M&M’s. Another fun idea is making sugar cookies and frosting those! Also if you all want a live fondue/crockpot tutorial comment on today’s insta post @lainey_hcb.

Galentines Activities

Overall I hope you have a fun week leading up to this amazing day! No matter how you celebrate your friendships keep doing it because nothing is better than the love and support of a fabulous friend. Also if you thought that was mushy, just wait until next week!






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