XO Marshmallow Cafe

February first is tomorrow and you know what that means… Valentine’s Day! Being the hopeless romantic I am, I’m so excited to share all the blogposts in store leading up to my favorite Hallmark holiday! Stay tuned on my insta @lainey_hcb for live updates and polls leading up to the day of love. I don’t want to give away too much, so for now let’s get to the cutest Valentines cafe in Chi: XO Marshmallow.

XO Marshmallow

When I first walked into XO Marshmallow, I realized this place is petite! I would highly recommend grabbing a spot to sit with your friends or s/o when you see someone leaving because seats fill up fast. Also every corner of this cafe is aesthetically pleasing, so if you’re looking for a cute pic to share some February love you’ll definitely find one. I especially liked the pink sign by the window that says, “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter.”


So what about the food? It’s mostly dessert/marshmallow oriented and since I stopped by in the morning I ordered a Toasted Marshmallow Latte, which is definitely a coffee lover’s drink, while Taylor ordered the Chai-cago-Tea Latte, which I probably would have preferred but it was the morning and I needed a boost! The service is fabulous too, we didn’t have to wait super long and they literally will serve you on a silver platter. Next time I go I’m definitely trying a S’maco (s’mores taco).

XO cafe

Overall I’d say if you’re ready for an adventure all the way to Rogers Park for this it’s worth it! I would recommend the Chai-cago-Tea Latte and a s’more for sure, and to grab some friends for a casual Feb snack.

XO Valentine

Don’t like going to a cafe or s/o’s? No worries, next Wednesday will be all about staying in and hanging out with your favorite Galentines!



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