Why Chicago?

Chicago holds a special place in my heart. I feel steady here, surrounded by skyscrapers and the rush of commuters every morning. When the weather changes, it’s wild and unruly (especially in the spring, with snow as late as March), but I love staring at the sky every now and then as it changes. The other day it was a thick and gloomy fog at 50 degrees, which I strolled around with Jessica (the lovely photographer of this post!) to snap some shots and explore the Loop a bit.

Chicago IL

I’m sure by now anyone reading this blog has wondered, why Chicago? It’s had plenty of crime and political corruption. There are people coast to coast who call the Midwest the “Flyover Country.” I won’t even attempt to defend these points; we are corrupt. But for those considering the Midwest something to fly over, I would say you haven’t seen Chicago.

Why Chicago.jpg

There is some beauty in the corrupt, a balance founded by the gems of people here and movements made. Over 300,000 Chicagoans attended the women’s march, which is over last year’s count. Chicago has arguably the best deep-dish pizza in America. On top of that, there’s nothing like attending a show here. (broadway, concert, improv, you name it!) Our culture is so full of life and I’m inexplicably drawn to all the possibilities I have from one day in Chicago, let alone a lifetime here. Who knows if I’ll stay, but spending my 20’s here has been and will be full of wonderful memories.

Chicago Theatre

So why Chicago? I think the better question is why not?



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