The Nutella Cafe

Hey friends I am back from a trip to Michigan (hence no post last week!) and I can’t wait to talk about this cute new spot in the Loop, the Nutella Cafe! It was pretty busy when Taylor and I went and I think it will continue to be a trending spot throughout this season.


It’s a very small cafe so seating was tough to find, but luckily you order at the register and they use one of those devices restaurants use when you’re wait to track where you end up seated so we had no problem getting our food almost immediately after we sat down!


Taylor ordered a chocolate strawberry crêpe and I ordered a banana crêpe with some iced hot chocolate. Basically if you love chocolate (especially Nutella) this is heaven! I will say the crêpes were a bit heavy so I almost wish they were smaller, but definitely delicious, and the iced hot chocolate was life-changing. First of all I never thought of making hot chocolate cold, and oh my god I’m so happy people did try this because I know exactly what I’ll be getting when I go back here for the summer!

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, but I’ll finally end up back in Chi-town next Sunday and I have tons of ideas for 2018 and springtime. Also I think it’s about time to get frugal (since the Holidays are an absolute money-sucker) so this season I’m going to challenge myself to find free things to do around the city for you! Some things you may know about but who knows what could be in store? Either way see you next Wednesday!



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