How to Get Fit for 2018!

Real talk, I’m definitely not an athletic connoisseur but I always feel like this time of year is when I get back into fitness, because it’s always fun to get toned for the summer until I give up like a week later haha! Luckily for you I have something to help get in shape that lasts only a week. Free trials. Literally I don’t know what I’d do without free trials for gyms because I’d probably never start going, so if you’re like me and want to try to stay healthy but don’t want to pay for it here’s a month’s worth of free gym trials to try! (Also most of these places are chains so they will have a couple of locations in Chicago to choose from.)


1. XSport Fitness

XSport Fitness is your typical gym, but they have a ton of amenities such as offering spa and tanning sessions, a choice between group training and personal, as well as being open 24 hours a day. Again I’m not a huge gym goer but I could see the perks! With the 7 Day Guest Pass you’d get gym access for you and a friend, a free personal training session, body fat testing, and tanning. That sounds pretty decent to me.



2. Yoga By Degrees

Apparently Yoga By Degreesย caught on to the fact that a lot of people use their free week and now charge $20 for a week, but I still think they’re worthy for this list since their classes are that good. It’s essentially hot yoga, which is probably the one activity I truly enjoy when it comes to working out lately, and what I love about this place is that the instructors generally talk about something interesting and I always leave a class calmer then when I came in. So it’s almost a mind body spirit relaxation and workout in one. Also for people who haven’t tried their studio yet they have a really cute surprise at the end of each class that I love! (if you’d like to try a place for free try CorePower Yoga, I hear they’re pretty good for more intense yoga!)




3. Chicago Athletic Club

If you like taking classes to exercise the Chicago Athletic Club is meant for you! They have everything from physical therapy to rock climbing and offer 8 locations in the Chicagoland area. You can even just tour one of their locations to get a better sense of if it would fit your preferences for working out which I like. One thing in particular I liked was that they offer nutritional coaching, I haven’t tried it but I think it would be cool to use a workout space for growing both nutritionally and physically.




4. Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness focuses on interval training using heart rate monitors so you can burn the most calories in one hour through their classes. The catch with this gym is I think you get only 1 free class, but after going I would probably take a week off since it’s so intense! The main thing I’d be interested in would be using the heart rate monitors to gauge your workout so you know how much effort you out in.




5. Bottom Line Yoga

As far as saving money goes Bottom Line Yoga is the best place to workout! They have a work trade system which means when you work their front desk or help clean their studio, you can attend any of their yoga classes for free! I like this place because it’s simply all about yoga and you get what you expect out of a workout. If you’re interested in continuing to workout beyond a free week trial for free then this is the place I would definitiely recommend.

I hope this helped you prepare for the New Year if getting fit is one of your goals! Next week I’ll talk about how to get organized for the New Year because I know these next couple months are going to be super busy! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram @lainey_hcb to keep in touch and I hope your New Year’s celebrations were fabulous!




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