5 Reasons to Vacation at Seal Beach, California

On Christmas Day, I took a flight from O’Hare to Orange Country and ended up in Seal Beach, California for vacation! I didn’t take a lot of gear with me, just two carry ons full of clothes, but I had my phone so I thought I’d take some pics off that with some new lenses I got as a Christmas present from my boyfriend’s family ๐Ÿ™‚ That included a wide lens and fisheye lens, which I mainly used to take photos the other day.ย  Having been at Seal Beach before I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to write about what makes this place so special! Without further adieu, here’s five reasons to vacation at Seal Beach, California:


1. The Weather is Warm

Compared to the five degree weather we’ve been getting in Chicago, 61 degrees is nice and warm! I still need a light sweater here, but it’s a nice break from the freezing cold. Plus there aren’t a significant number of bugs around so I’ve completely avoided mosquitos. Overall, everything about the weather is wonderful!


2. The Beach

If you love surfing or would love to learn, Seal Beach is perfect. They have pretty tame waves and you can even paddle board along the pier. I personally enjoy watching the surfers in the morning and taking photos, but one of my favorite things to do is watch the sunset on the pier.


3. The Downtown

This isn’t Chicago so clearly the downtown won’t be as wild, but that’s part of the charm. There’s so many boutiques to pop into and cute little restaurants such as Taco Surf and The Hangout that offer plenty to do outside of enjoying the beach! I’m sure I’ll take a day here to shop around or hangout in a coffeehouse.


4. The People

One thing I’ve noticed living in Chicago is that people are nice but generally pretty reserved or too busy to chat. Which is completely fair since there are so many people there, but at Seal Beach it’s a small beach town. This means that more often than not people will say hi and take some time to chat or wish each other happy holidays. You can be a regular at a restaurant and have neighbors who know each other. That’s pretty cool to see.


5. You’re One Hour from L.A.

I love this perk because you have the option to enjoy the quiet of Seal Beach or jump into the city life by going to Los Angeles for the day! I may not do that during this trip since it’s been so nice to relax and unwind, but next summer I’ll definitely be out in L.A.

The best part about vacations are that you can choose how you use your time. I know I’ll be attempting to catch some waves and enjoying the beach (as I have been), but I could easily be doing other things like hanging out at the tennis court or riding a bike around the beach towns or going to do touristy things in L.A. It’s all in what you make it, and I’m making it an opportunity to enjoy the quiet before I get back to Chicago where I’m meant to be.



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