5 Easy Gift Ideas!

Snow is falling in Chicago, winter breaks are starting, and it’s time to buy something special for the people you love! Sometimes I feel like I run out of unique gifts to give so I decided to wander around Wicker Park and some other spots in Chicago in search for some fun gifts.


It’s always fun gift shopping, but my favorite part about gift shopping in Chicago is that all the holiday decorations are out! I didn’t include that part because I thought you’d be more interested in the gifts themselves, so without further ado here’s 5 easy gift ideas for the holidays:


Mojo Spa: Massage Candles


Candles always seem like a stereotypical unwanted gift, but I think Mojo Spa in Wicker Park gives candles the revamp they need by making the wax a massage oil/body lotion too! Also they put the candle in a martini glass which makes it even cuter! It’s also vegan and they have a new holiday scent called Wonder. So if you have a friend or family member who lives for spa stuff over the holidays, definitely consider this cute gift!


                      Christmas in Chicago: Ornaments 

xmas in chicago.jpgIf you have a friend or family coming in from out of town, it would be sweet to give them a little souvenir they can take back with them on a plane or wherever! Christmas in Chicago is the perfect place to find a cute ornament for just that. So if you ever are around the Magnificent Mile definitely check their gifts out! Also this is not an ornament I found on their site so I don’t know if this is still available, but I did see some other cute things in store!



Sandmeyers Bookstore


One of my favorite bookstores in the Loop is Sandmeyers Bookstore, which actually has a lot of different knick knacks for bookworms! I’m sure that was obvious being it’s a bookstore, but if you look behind the register or right at the front of it you’ll find the cutest little gift ideas! They’re a family run bookshop, so they don’t feature their products online, but I do know for a fact they have Rupi Kaur’s poetry books, so if you have a friend who’s into feminism and art I highly recommend anything by Rupi Kaur.




Steel Petal Press: Holiday Cards/ Stationary


When I really can’t think of something a friend would appreciate I grab a gift card and  write something heartfelt on a funny card so they know I’m thinking of them even if the gift is last minute or they’re far away! Something as small as a card can be sweet and thoughtful especially if the card fits the person you’re gifting well. Steel Petal Press is a cute stationary boutique in Logan Square Park with some seriously sassy cards!




Get a Ticket to a Show! 

second-city-logoSometimes the best gift is getting to hang out with your friends or family at a show, and Chicago is full of places to go! I’ll definitely be addressing some cool spots to go in a blogpost either January or December, but off hand I recommend Second City because General Admission tickets are $24-30 which isn’t too bad for a show in Chicago. Plus a lot of people who perform through Second City end up on Saturday Night Live. Also you’re going to laugh a lot!


I hope these gift ideas helped! I’m so excited for all the things to do in Chicago over the holidays, but for now enjoy your Wednesday!







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