A Night in the Loop: Sears Tower

I feel like visiting the Skydeck at the Sears Tower (never Willis Tower!) is an initiation into Chicago. If you don’t feel your stomach drop when you step into one of the glass boxes, then you can proudly say you’re comfortable at 1,353 feet above the ground. During the day when I first visited the Skydeckย  I was in middle school and I definitely felt my stomach drop. Now, at night I feel like the Skydeck isn’t an adventure. It’s a view.

Skydeck View

At night, the Skydeck is less crowded and I love seeing Chicago all lit up. It reminds me that I am one of many people who call this city home. I want to go back and watch the cars drive by from the observation deck again, all the lights moving towards different destinations I wish I knew about.

Skydeck 3

If you want to catch the Skydeck at night definitely go around 7pm so you have time to wait for the observation deck just in case there’s a small crowd. I had zero wait for the elevator but everyone goes for the decks. The hours until February are 10am-8pm.

Skydeck 4

I would definitely add this to one of my favorite memories because of the relaxed vibes nighttime gives over daytime at the Skydeck. Also the fudge they sell in the gift shop is delicious. I do not have photos of it but it’s easy to find in the gift shop on the Skydeck level and below. Overall I’d mainly visit the Skydeck for the views.


I hope your week is going well! Only two more days until Friday and then next week, Thanksgiving will be coming up. What are you thankful for? I’ll share my answer next week. Feel free to check out my Facebook page for updates, I’ll be adding more content soon!



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