A Day in Wrigleyville Part 2

After Stef and I explored Wrigleyville for the better part of the day (Part 1) we stumbled across the Catcade, a cat cafรฉ with arcade games and movies! This place is a furry little heaven on earth for cats who have been rescued from life-threatening situations and for humans to enjoy the company of these adoptable angels.

Cat Catcade

This was my favorite cat, Jasper. Most of the time he was napping, but Jasper dropped down from his cozy ledge once so I could pet him. He’s an absolute cutie and I wish I could’ve taken this fluffy guy home!

Catcade Cat

I loved how I could just sit down anywhere and cats would approach me. I highly recommend sitting down with a toy to get their attention, but this friendly guy Matthew had no problem cuddling up to me. In fact we could barely get a photo with him because Matthew kept walking around me nuzzling me! What I love about Catcade is that they use passes to make sure that you get quality time with the cats and the cats have an appropriate amount of people in the room to/or not to socialize with. They also have a movie playing during your time so if you want to let the cats come to you (being chosen is an honor!) you can always watch the featured film or even play some arcade games!


If you do choose to play the games, just know you may have to compete with the cats! They love sitting on the PacMan game and I don’t think there was a moment when a cat wasn’t on it. Also two big napping spots for the cats were arcade game shelves as shown below.

Catcade nap

It was such a calm atmosphere with cute cats napping everywhere. When I was younger I thought I was a dog person all the way but now, interacting and watching these cats I know I was completely wrong. I love both cats and dogs for different reasons. Cats are gorgeous animals that exude this quiet and relaxing vibe I liked being around given my normally hectic schedule. If anything I would go back for that feeling.

Catcade calm

If you ever consider adopting a cat try the Catcade because you’ll have time to get to know the cats and which one you’d like to welcome into your home. When I do get a living situation better suited for furry friends I will definitely consider coming back for Jasper. If you would like to see all the photos taken for this post they’ll be on my Instagram: lainey_hcb. Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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