A Day in Wrigleyville Part 1

*I’ve been MIA for the past week and a half because my laptop gave up on me, but thankfully that’s all fixed and we can catch up!*

Anywaysย today is all about Wrigleyville and shopping with my friend Stef. I meant this to be a Halloween themed post where to shop for costumes, but it’s November so we’ll breeze over the shops and talk about Wrigleyville as a whole.

Wrigleyville shop

When walking around Wrigleyville I’m sure you’re thinking,ย it’s all about the Cubs! Even though the Cubs are a major part of Wrigleyville, I think the community as a whole offers a variety of things to do. When I was walking around with Stef we lovedย the different thrift shops around here such as Belmont Army, if you go to the third floor they bring in new clothes every week! We were obsessed with how clothes were organized by decades and the ugly Christmas sweaters, but I especially loved the sequined section.

Belmont Army.jpg

Walking around Wrigleyville with Stef we realized there were a lot of cute spots to hang out, but one of our favorites was this mural. We also realized we can’t take photos without laughing or doing the craziest poses, so I’m sure whenever I pass this mural I’ll be smiling about the memories. I think this pic screams model status haha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mural Wrigleyville

In the spirit of exploring Wrigleyville, we kept walking around until we found the most hipster looking coffee spot in existence. Osmium. Can I say best lattes or what?! There wasn’t a lot of seating but I would stand for another latte like that. Everyone in the shop looked like they came out of a zine and were on their laptops just hanging out. I’ve never been one to study in a coffee shop but they definitely gave me the inspiration to try!


Also if you’re new to Chicago Osmium had this giant wall of flyers for things to do and I promised Stef we would go to a Drag show at some point since there were three advertised. On top of that they had what the Art Museum was up to and different film festivals so this place was definitely tailored to creatives.

I don’t want to give all the fun we had away yet so I split this post into two parts! If you want to know what made me do this come back next Wednesday/subscribe to my blog, I promise it will be incredibly cute!



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