A Day in Wicker Park: WTF?

Okay, let’s get serious. I absolutely fell in love with Wicker Park. So you’re probably wondering why WTF? Trust me this is too good, but first, let’s talk about what makes Wicker Park oh so lovable!

Wicker Park Big Mural

If you venture out to Park #567 you won’t be disappointed by the massive street art mural. Who created it? Why? We don’t know, but the mural has some gorgeous colors! If you do pick this park as a photo spot, try getting up close to avoid bikers coming down the nearby bike path. Taylor and I were almost run over twice! We actually chose the photo above from one of Taylor’s previous projects to make sure you all had a clear view of this wonderful piece!

Wicker Park Mural Portrait

Now WTF does not mean what you think it does. I actually mean where’s the funk? I definitely found funk at this mural, but I think we all have that quirky side of us no one truly sees unless we let our freak flag fly. So I’m going to show you a funky upcoming place I’m sure no one has been to before. The StopAlong.

The StopAlong Pizza

The StopAlong opened August 2016 and I’m so happy they did because the pizzas are delicious and their restaurant is arcade/show themed. Taylor got the “Back to the Future” pizza (can Rick and Morty ever stop being so relevant?!) and I got the “Old School” pizza. They even have a vegan pizza named “Elle Woods.” I instantly fell in love, especially with the atmosphere, but the best part is in the back of the restaurant you can play board games and an arcade game called “Stargate” for free. I haven’t geeked out like this since Wonder Woman came out in theatres. This is my kind of funk!

The StopAlong Stargate

But seriously, where’s the funk? What do you find in your life that makes you freak out? I love pop-culture and gaming. That’s my guilty pleasure and I fully embrace it! As we continue to explore Chicago I hope you find posts here that make you think wow I want to go there and not because everyone is going there. Let me know what you think on my Facebook page or through Instagram by #herchiblog.

First and foremost: be funky.

Wicker Park Funk



P.S. If you’ve been loving my funky hat, you can order it here! Over Our Heads is an adorable Hattery my photographer Taylor is helping run and the new colors are freaky fresh. 🙂

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