A Day in Millennium Park: How did I get so sexy?

Welcome to my first official post on Her Chi Blog! My name is Lainey and I’m so excited to kick off our journey throughout Chicago with a little spice. So the question is: how did I get so sexy? But really you’re wondering, how does this relate to Millennium Park?! I promise you a long and interesting answer so let’s get to it!

When I moved to Chicago a month ago, I never thought I would be so intrigued by touristy spots in the city. I was from a suburb and always had the opportunity to see Chicago’s museums, shows, and walk the parks. In fact I can proudly say I’ve been to every major Chicago museum at least three times! But there’s something especially exciting about seeing the Bean (or Cloud Gate) since I’ve moved here.

Under the Bean

I remember my first time visiting the Bean. I felt like the giant steel sculpture was so mysterious and beautiful. I wondered, like anyone else, why is a giant bean in Chicago? Interestingly enough, I found out the British artist Anish Kapoor created the Bean so it could capture the city’s skyline. Underneath the Bean is the “gate” where you can walk under and see your reflection from a variety of perspectives.

Cloud Gate

So how did I get so sexy?! I followed my dream of becoming a city girl. Also, I got excited about exploring Chicago again. Not exploring as a suburban girl, when I always had to worry about going home. I’ve walked under my own metaphorical Bean, the gate of my city, and I plan to stay. Getting sexy is a state of mind, and where I am now in my life makes feel excited, sexy. I’m happy with my present and I can’t wait to show you all where my life is going!

So now let’s switch gears and look at what makes Millennium Park so cool outside of the Bean.

Nichols Bridgeway

Nichols Bridgeway

Nichols Bridgeway

The view off of Nichols Bridgeway is stunning. Especially with fall weather, and the leaves slowly changing color. You can find this photo-op between the Art museum and the Jay Pritzker Pavillon (the giant metal sculpture that is not the Bean)Sunday afternoons can be extremely crowded, but the lighting was fabulous. I highly recommend catching Millennium Park on a weekday so you can have the park to yourself more.

By the Bean



These are a couple of spots I found by the Bean. Explore Millennium Park in order to find where I went and hashtag #herchiblog on Instagram or subscribe to Her Chi Blog to join me on my adventure! I would love to hear from you all, and I hope your week is going well. Thank you for reading all this and see you next Wednesday!



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